August 10th “Call-In Day of Action” Page


Let’s keep the pressure on, join our call-in day of action August 10th!


The new revision is out and the CA Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum will be determined by the Instructional Quality Commission (IQC ) on August 13th. At this time they will decide on the curriculum and whether Arab American studies will be included. Given the backlash led by pro-Israeli interests groups, the IQC and Department of Education have cut out Arab American studies altogether from the revised curriculum. 


Please join us in a Call-in Day on August 10th to demand that our state legislators, the CA State School Board, and the State Superintendent of Education, Tony Thurmond support the inclusion of Arab American Studies. 


Plan for Call-in Day:


What can you do to make sure that this injustice doesn’t get written in California’s public school curriculum?


  • Call the IQC at (916)-319-0881
  • Leave a message demanding Arab American Studies and Pacific Islander Studies are reinstated
  • Demand that the original curriculum writers are reconvened to give feedback prior to the November revisions.


An example:

 Hello, my name is _________ (and I am with this organization if applicable). On August 13th I urge you to include Arab American and Pacific Islander studies in the California Model Ethnic Studies Curriculum. The current version leaves out Arab American studies, which was a part of the original curriculum. Leaving out Arab American Studies is unacceptable and will deprive the next generation of students of knowledge that is vital to understanding their histories and current realities. Ethnic studies is not multicultural studies. We are demanding that both Arab American and Pacific Islander Studies be reinstated, and that the original writers are reconvened for feedback prior to the November revisions.


(Note: you can also personalize the message if appropriate)


To send an email to Members of the State Board of Education, go to you will find the names and a link to email each board member with your opinion.