Webinars on the Campaign to Save Arab American Studies

The Fight for Ethnic Studies in CA with Special Guest: Angela Davis

Save Arab American Studies Coalition webinar on defending California Ethnic Studies against racist attacks, the implications for the rest of the United States, and the ways you can take action. (Held February 2nd, 2021)

Jewish Educators say YES to Liberatory Ethnic Studies

Ethnic studies is under attack. Anti-racist, decolonial, and liberatory ethnic studies is being attacked for being too critical of US history, too centered on the stories of the most marginalized communities, and not patriotic enough. But these attacks started because California’s proposed Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum included Palestine. And at the heart of the attack is the claim that teaching Arab American studies and including Palestine is antisemitic.

California’s Department of Education Fails Arab-American Community

Check out our webinar on the most recent revisions to the CA Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum as of Nov 10.

Teach Arab American Studies!

A workshop for teachers, students, and community members. In this interactive workshop, ethnic studies teachers and teacher educators will model an Arab American history lesson, share resources, and facilitate discussion on integrating Arab American studies across the curriculum .

Arab American Studies, Palestine, and the Fight for Ethnic Studies

Join Ethnic Studies faculty for a webinar on Arab American Studies, Palestine and fight for Ethnic Studies.

What’s Happening with Ethnic Studies in CA?