Solidarity Selfie

Solidarity Selfie “Why I support  Ethnic Studies” or “Why I support Arab American Studies” 

Method: Using @aroc_bayarea Instagram, @AROCBayArea Twitter, and Facebook 

Upload a selfie of yourself in defense of Ethnic Studies!  On a piece of paper write down why you believe in Ethnic Studies and the inclusion of Arab American Studies, or you can write down one of the statements of support, or simply write down our hashtags #DefendEthnicStudies and upload it on your social media!

  • Arab American Studies being a part of the Ethnic Studies Curriculum will educate students across the state about a community that has been marginalized throughout U.S. history.   
  • Arab youth deserve to be taught their history in school, outside of the history of wars against their communities.
  • With an Ethnic Studies curriculum that highlights issues facing the Arab-American community, our youth will have the tools to feel empowered by their heritage, not embarrassed or resentful of it.